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MIT OpenCourseware



11 Reasons Why Schools Need 3D Printers


Amiga Extreme Upgrading

Amiga Board, English

Amiga Hardware Reference

Amiga Kit Store


Android Central

Android Police

Android-x86 Project - Run Android on Your PC


16 Sector, Apple ][

6502 User's Forum

Apple Developer

Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS

Apple Gazette

Apple Support

Apple Website


Mac Rumors Buyers Guide

Mac Rumors Forums

Mplayer for OS X


Adafruit Product 462, Standalone AVR ISP Programmer Shield Kit


Atmel Corporation

AVR Freaks

Home Brew Electronics, Atmel AVR Based

I/O Shield for Arduino

Ken Sherriff's Blog, Secrets of Arduino PWM

Nootropic Design

Tronixstuff, Arduino Tutorials

True Random Number Generator for Arduino



Asic World



Audio Micro, Free Sound Effects

DIY Audio Projects

Festival Speech Synthesis System

Free Loops

Overclocked Remix

ProSoundWeb, News and Information

Sound Bible

Sound Cloud, Share your sounds

Synth Maker

Thesixtyone, Oldies


Adafruit Blog

Addictive Tips, Computing

Amber Mac, Social Media Blog

American Machinist Blog

Anandtech, Reviews of computer hardware

Builder Blog

Technology Bits



CyberElk blog

Dirk Eddelbuettel Blog

Discover Magazine

Distribute Your Blog

DIY Drones Blog

DIY Gadgets Blog

DorkbotPDX, People Doing Strange Things with Electricity

DVice Blog


Freedom to Tinker

Gizmodo, Gadget News

Google Blog

Google Blogoscoped

Hack a Day Blog

Hacked Gadgets

Hyberbole and a Half

IEEE Spectrum Blog

Incoming Nonsense, A computer scientist and electronics hobbyist

io9, We Come from the Future

Kevin Cuzner Projects & Libraries

LA Weekly

Lifehacker, Tips and Downloads for Getting Things Done

Liliputing, Mobile Technology

Listverse, Ultimate Top 10 Lists

LiveJournal Community Center

Make Magazine Blog

Make Projects, build, hack, tweak, share, discover

Maker Faire, grassroots American innovation

Maker Masters, Bill Griggs

Mashable blog

Mike Ziwisky's Blog, Electronics, software, helicopters, etc.

Mozilla Blog

Nathan Stevens' homepage, Molecules and Code

Next Big Future (in Science and Technology)

Oh Internet Blog

Patrick Thomson a.out Blog

PCB Heaven Tech Blog

Perl blog

Ponoko, The World's Easiest Making System

Process Automation

Reddit Blog

Sara Chipps, Girl Developer

Scientific American Blog

Scobleizer, Robert Scoble Blog

Screen Rant, TV and Movie News and Reviews

Search Engine Land Blog

Securi Research Blog


SpritesMods, Hardware and Software Hacks

Start an Online Newspaper


Technet Blog

The Digital Cave

Wordpress Support


6502 Microprocessor Resource

All About Circuits

All About Circuits Forum

All Pinouts

Circuits Today

Cuircuit Simulator

Current Limiting Resistor Calculator for Leds

Datasheet Catalog

Datasheet Directory

Digikey Parts Search

Doug Ford Analog Design

Electronic Circuit Design

Electronic Circuit Diagrams


Electronics Lab

Fritzing, Prototype Documentation

H Bridge bjt Circuit

Introduction to 74HC595 shift register - Controlling 16 LEDs

LED Center

LED Color Chart

Octopart is a search engine for electronic parts - Operational Amplifier multivibrator oscillator circuit

Resistor Color Code Calculator

Sallen-Key Low Pass Filter Calculator

Talking Electronics

The Datasheet Archive - 100 Million Datasheets from 7500 Manufacturers.

Thermocouple Reference

Transistor Museum


Climate on The Environmentalist

Climate Progress


American Machinist, Intuitive User Interface

Charlie CNC Blog


C64 Programmers' Reference - Schematic

C64 Scene Database

Commodore USA

RKO, Definitive Guide to C64 Remakes

SceneSat Radio


Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Labs

Lee Badman's Mostly Wi-Fi Blog

AMD Microprocessors

A Terminal Anywhere

Audio/Video Cards

Beyond Logic, USB in a Nutshell

Bitvise downloads

Bleeping Computer - How to enable GodMode in Windows

CMU Sphinx, The Open Source Toolkit for Speech Recognition

Cryptome Archive

Cute Mouse for Dos

Epoch & Unix Timestamp Conversion Tools

Every Time Zone

Extundelete, ext3 or ext4 Undelete

Fedora Documentation

Flash Media Live Encoder

Free Software Directory

HHD Guru Forums

Homebrew CPU

HTML Codes

Intel Embedded Community

IRChelp, Internet Relay Chat help archive

Microsoft Developer

My Digital Life Forums

Nasa Nebula Cloud Computing Platform

Open Compute Project, Server and Data Center Design

Open Source, Hardware IP Cores

Rackaid, How to Use Linux Screen Tutorial

RealTerm, Serial Terminal

Seti At Home

Synergy, Share Mouse and Keyboard

Tech Report

The Computer Refuge, Retro Computers

Thinkpads Support Community

Virtualboxs, Free Images

Windows 7 Forums


The Consumerist

Educational_Resources Chemistry Inventors

American History Timeline, with a Science section

Conversations with Bucky

Cornell University Library

Desmos, Interactive Education

Education Projects Electronics and Programming Tutorials

Embedded Lab, Teaching Laboratory for Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems

Free Textbooks

Google Books

Hofstra University CS

How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works (Auto)

Khan Academy

Kids Net, Australia

Medscape Reference

Not Always Right

Oxford Dictionaries

Rational Wiki, Refuting Pseudo-Science and the Anti-Science

Drexel University Information Technology

Stanford HCL Group

The Particle Adventure


Clean Technica

Ecomodder, Automotive Community

Open Energy Monitor

Pure Energy Systems Network


Chaos Computer Club Hanover


New York City Hacker Union


High Voltage and Stuff



The Balance Careers Human Resources

AJ Design Software, Calculators

btjunkie - the largest bittorrent search engine

Engineers' Edge

Gnu Mailing List Management

Hackerspaces Mailing Lists, Social Photo Sharing

Inogolo, English Pronunciation Guide


Is it Down?

Is website down for everyone or just me?


Scribd, Internet White Board

Sound Expressions Greetings

The Engineering Toolbox

The HTML5 Test

Whois Domain Tools


555 Amplifier

555 Latch Circuit

555 Servo Tester

The Internet Pinball Database


37 Signals

3D Tool

Creative Commons

Deposit Files

Do It Yourself Index

Dropbox Cloud Storage, Sharing

Google Url Shortener


The DALnet Documentation Project


All streaming media recording software

Long Tail Video



Welcome to 360VR Images


Dangerous Prototypes

LeafLabs, Open Electronics

Open Hardware Summit

Open Programmer (microprocessors)


Apache HTTP Server Project

Binary to Decimal Conversion

Blender, 3d Graphics Creation

Collaborative Webspace for Gnome Devs

Enhanced Machine Controller (EMC) Project

Festvox, CMU Speech Software

irssi, IRC Client

Linux / UNIX Shell: Sort Date

Opendir, All Things Open

Open Kinect

Top 20 OpenSSH Server Best Security Practices

XChat IRC Client


28C3, Behind Enemy Lines

Electronic Privacy Information Center


Android Developers

Codecademy, Learn to Code

Codeshite, Programmers ... gah

Codesketch, We Build Apps with Soul

Google App Engine Blog

HTML5 Demos and Examples

Irssi IRC Client Scripts

Javascript Chess

Jonathan Westhues, Large Scale Software

Learn Perl

Learn Python the Hard Way

Lemonodor, a mostly Lisp Weblog

Mastering Regular Expressions

Mixing C and C++

MrDoob Chrome Effects

Netbeans IDE (Java, PHP, C, C++)

Nicolas Brailovsky, A Modern Blog

Nodejd, Build fast, scalable network applications

Online compiler/interpreter, and a simple collaboration tool.

PHP, Hypertext Preprocessor

PHP, Javascript and some code around it!

Programmer's Heaven

Programming MF, Do You Speak It?

PyBrain, Python Machine Learning Library

PyDev, Python IDE for Eclipse

PySerial, Python Serial Port Documentation

Python Documentation

Q&A for Programmers

Sourceforge, Free Open Source Software

Texas Instruments Embedded Processors Wiki

The Node Beginner Book

Visual Software Programming

Wordpress, Web Design, Code and Tutorials

Z80 and FPGA Programming, etc.


Radio Blog, Amateur Radio

High Performance Software Defined Radio

National Association for Amateur Radio

Phil's Old Radios

Simon's SatCom Page



Blade mSR RTF

Hobbyzone, Radio Control

Park One, Just Fly

RC Groups Forums

Remote Control Aerial Photography on Facebook


Raspberry Pi Blog

RepRap Wiki

Retro_Archives Blog, Retro Computing

Asteroids Game

Asteroids Game in HTML5

Burroughs B-205 page

Computer History Museum

Digital Camera History

Every OS Sucks Video

Grant's Homebuilt Electronics

Homebrew 8080 Computer

How to Use Disk Drive Stepper Motors

Interesting DOS Programs

Obsolete Technology Website

Parallel Port Intrfacing Made Easy

SIO2SD, Loading 8-bit Programs from SD/MMC Cards

The Museum of Retro Technology

Old Computers

Tube Time

Vetus Abandonware


Acroname Robotics

SoftBank Robotics, Pepper, NAO and Whiz

Cell Bots

FPVpilot, Remote Video Piloting

Let's Make Robots, RobotShop Community forum



Robot Film Festival

Robot Room

Rolling Robots

Shane Coulton Blog

Trossen Robotics Forums


American Scientist Magazine

Arbor Scientific

Bizarre Stuff You Can Make

Boing Boing Blog, Science

Chronology of Mars Exploration

Coral Castle Museum

Fake Science

How Do Magnets Work?

Hubble Site

IOPScience Journal

Leyden Jars

Nasa Human Spaceflight

Nasa Picture of the Day

Nasa Science

Nasa Technical Reports Server

National Space Science Data Center

Particle Shmarticle Blog

Physics World Headlines

Science Discovery

Science Friday

Science Hobbyist

Slashdot Science

Stardate, Astronomy and Space News


IEEE Standards Association


13 Deals

3M Products

Ace Hardware

Adafruit Forums

Adafruit Industries

Advin, EPROM Programmers and Chip Programmers

Aleutia Computers

Alibaba, Global Trade Starts Here, Total Power Solution

Allegro Micro, High Performance Semiconductors

All Electronics Corporation

Allied Electronics

All Sensors

All Sprectrum Electronics

Alltronics Online Surplus Superstore

Almaz Optics

Intel FPGAs and SoCFPGAs

Analog Devices

Antec PSU, Computer Power Supplies

AppBrain, Android Apps

Applied Materials

Aries Electronics, Interconnection & Packaging Solutions

ARM, Architecture for the Digital World

Asus USA

Bits Limited, Smart Strip

BlackBox Network Services


Carl's Electronics

Circuit Specialists Inc.

Cool Neon Lighting

Curious Inventor

Dell Community

DigiKey Search Page

Digilent Inc.

Digital Design Corporation

Electronic Design, Emerging Technologies

Electron Tube Store

Glow in the Dark Paint

GraviTech, Electronics

Horizon Hobby

Hypex Electronics

Indutherm, First Class Casting Technology

LinITX, Specialist PC Components

Link Instruments, Oscilloscopes and Logic Analyzers for your PC


Makerbot Store

MCPros, The Microcontroller Shop

Mouser Electronics

Netgear Store


Pololu Robotics and Electronics

Ramsey Electronics

Slick Deals

Sparkfun Electronics Forums

TI e2e Community

Toshiba Computers

Unicomp Keyboard Products


Blender Wiki

Combustion Machines

Creative Commons Wiki

How To Wiki

NetBeans Wiki

Software Patents Wiki

Star Wars Wookiepedia

Transtronics Wiki index

Wiki Books

Wikimedia Commons

WikiStats: Wikimedia Statistics


Wireshark Wiki


100K Garages

Home Shop Machinists Magazine