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CNC Machines

CNCCOOKBOOK:: The CNC Cookbook is a blog which give you the recipe for CNC success. Each serving is a delightful surprise.

Makerbot: : Makerbot Industries is the maker of The Thing-O-Matic 3D printer. It is amazing what is possible.

Joes CNC: Joe's CNC offers plans to make your own CNC Router tables. The community is awesome.

 CNCZONE: CNCZONE is a community forum and blog host for all thing related to CNC machines.


Minibloq:: Programming a microcontroller should be easy. Minibloq is trying to make programming the Arduino easier. Minibloq is a graphical programming environment for Arduino and other Arduino-compatible boards.

Adafruit:: Adafruit is a blog about teaching electronics design to all people.

Tronixstuff: Arduino Electronics tutorials.


Automaton: Talk about leading edge. Automaton provides the latest in robot development.

SJET: Skylar Tibbots blog on Robotics and Self Replication.

Radio Control

Quad Addicts:: Quads are four rotor helicopter. Quad Addict explores all types of Quads.

Jim T. Graham: This man is one of the driving forces behind R/C Groups. Always interesting and usually funny.

RC Groups: R/C Groups is one of the largest online sources of information on Radio Control.


Lumberjocks: Lumberjocks is a site which lists some fine woodworking projects.

Arkwood: Interesting site for birdhouses

Kevin Brady: All about dust collection.

Claremount White Dorpers Blog: Life Down Under, Farming, Solar Power and CNC.


John Cox Creature Worhshop: These folks make amazing Anamatronics for Movie and TV.


Inhabitat:  Green Technology and projects.


Google Sketchup: The official Google Sketchup blog explains how to use their free 3D software.

Alibre Design: Alibre Design Forums. Information on Alibre Design parametric Cad program.

Autodesk Blog: Between the lines. All things Autodesk

Rhino News Etc.: Rhino 3D Blog.

Solidworks Blog: Solidworks 3D CAD.


Lunatins: This guy makes dominoes look tame. Exploding popsicle stick mazes.

Metal Working

Focuser: Aluminum Anodizing kits and instructions.

Sterling Steele: Plans for CNC conversions of Mini mills and Lathes.

 Otto's Pastimes: Eclectic experiments on a variety of topics.

3D Printers

3DLPrint: 3D Resin Printer project notes.

Thingiverse: Free 3D models to use with 3D printers. Share digital designs that can be made into real, physical objects!

Makerbot Blog: Blog for Makerbot Industries.

RapMan Blog: Rapman V3 Blog – Bits From Bytes.

3D Printer Universet: 3D Printer Univers

RepRap: Free Desktop 3D plastic printer

RepRap Blog: Blog of all things related to RepRap.